Akame ga KILL ZERO

Filename: akame-ga-kill-zero.pdf
ISBN: 9780316399500
Release Date: 2016-03-22
Number of pages: 221
Author: Takahiro
Publisher: Hachette UK

Download and read online Akame ga KILL ZERO in PDF and EPUB They believed that every time they took a life, they brought happiness to another... Before becoming Night Raid's deadliest ally, Akame was a young girl bought by the Empire and raised as an assassin whose sole purpose was to slaughter everything in her path. Because that's what makes people happy...right? Discover Akame's shocking past in Akame ga KILL! Zero, the prequel to the hit series Akame ga KILL!

Akame ga KILL

Filename: akame-ga-kill.pdf
ISBN: 9780316439596
Release Date: 2017-04-18
Number of pages: 239
Author: Takahiro,
Publisher: Hachette UK

Download and read online Akame ga KILL in PDF and EPUB The assassination of Bolic has spurred the oppressed citizens of the Empire into open revolt. In response, the Minister of State appoints his son, Shula, head of the secret police. Even the Jaegers begin questioning the Empire's leadership as Shula, leading a band of ruthless warriors from around the world, uses his new power to terrorize the populace--regardless of their allegiance to the Empire!!

Akame ga KILL

Filename: akame-ga-kill.pdf
ISBN: 9780316305822
Release Date: 2015-07-21
Number of pages: 211
Author: Takahiro,
Publisher: Hachette UK

Download and read online Akame ga KILL in PDF and EPUB Tatsumi's fantasy of leading a righteous assassin's life is brutally shattered when Sheele is lost in battle. But though Tatsumi resolves to stand tall against his sorrows, a new group of teigu-wielders appears before him: the Three Beasts!! In the battle between teigus, where there can be only one victor, who will fall prey to death?!


Filename: akame-ga-kill-09.pdf
ISBN: 8467925531
Release Date:
Number of pages: 226

Download and read online AKAME GA KILL 09 in PDF and EPUB

Rokka Braves of the Six Flowers Vol 1 manga

Filename: rokka-braves-of-the-six-flowers-vol-1-manga.pdf
ISBN: 0316501425
Release Date: 2017-01-24
Number of pages: 176
Author: Ishio Yamagata
Publisher: Yen Press

Download and read online Rokka Braves of the Six Flowers Vol 1 manga in PDF and EPUB When the world is threatened with destruction, six chosen heroes will rise to save it. One of them is Adlet Meyer--who calls himself "the strongest man in the world." But when he answers the call to assemble with the other heroes and face the darkness, there are not six heroes, but seven. Who is the traitor in their midst?

Akame ga KILL 07

Filename: akame-ga-kill-07.pdf
ISBN: 2889217450
Release Date: 2017-05-04
Number of pages: 218
Author: Tetsuya Tashiro

Download and read online Akame ga KILL 07 in PDF and EPUB

Akame ga KILL 06

Filename: akame-ga-kill-06.pdf
ISBN: 2889217442
Release Date: 2017-03-02
Number of pages: 192
Author: Takahiro

Download and read online Akame ga KILL 06 in PDF and EPUB

Hinowa ga CRUSH

Filename: hinowa-ga-crush.pdf
ISBN: 9780316479738
Release Date: 2017-06-26
Number of pages: 73
Author: Takahiro,
Publisher: Yen Press World

Download and read online Hinowa ga CRUSH in PDF and EPUB From the writer behind Akame ga KILL! comes a brand new series, simul pubbing from the very first chapter! In the war torn Wakoku, Hinowa is aiming to be the hero of her turbulent times! The curtain rises on this chronicle of civil war... Read from the very beginning the same time as Japan, Hinowa ga CRUSH!

Akame ga KILL 08

Filename: akame-ga-kill-08.pdf
ISBN: 2889217469
Release Date: 2017-07-01
Number of pages: 242
Author: Tetsuya Tashiro

Download and read online Akame ga KILL 08 in PDF and EPUB

Kill La Kill

Filename: kill-la-kill.pdf
ISBN: 1927925843
Release Date: 2016-08-09
Number of pages: 220
Author: Nakashima Kazuki
Publisher: Udon Entertainment

Download and read online Kill La Kill in PDF and EPUB As her control of Senketsu grows, Ryuko is attacked by Tsumugu an angry sniper who claims that Ryuko s Kamui could be an even greater threat than Satsuki Kiryuin! Plus, Ryuko faces off against the combined power of the unstoppable Elite Four! It s the most jam-packed action-fueled sexy suspense-filled Kill la Kill volume yet!"

Angel Beats Heaven s Door

Filename: angel-beats-heaven-s-door.pdf
ISBN: 162692189X
Release Date: 2016-02-09
Number of pages: 180
Author: Jun Maeda
Publisher: Seven Seas

Download and read online Angel Beats Heaven s Door in PDF and EPUB Angel Beats!: Heaven's Door takes readers on a journey to a different sort of afterlife. Based on the hit anime, Angel Beats!, this brand new manga series delves into the early years of the Angel Beats! universe, as we learn the origin story of heroine Yuri, who assembles a motley crew of deserted souls in their fight against God. Angel Beats!: Heaven's Door treats existing fans to events taking place before the story as told in the anime, while providing an entertaining point of entry for new readers. Angel Beats!: Heaven's Door is an ongoing manga series and will be released as single volume editions. Each book contains at least one full-color insert illustration. The original anime, Anime Beats!, has been released in its entirety in English by Sentai Filmworks. Hideki Hinata has just died...but his life is far from over. Finding himself stuck in a kind of purgatory in the Afterlife School-an academy for recently departed lost souls-he begins to learn that the land of the dead has just as many annoying rules, if not more, than the land of the living. There he meets Yuri Nakamura, a brazen young woman who harbors nothing but contempt for God due to the life she was forced to lead before passing away. Together, Yuri and Hideki form the SSS brigade, otherwise known as the Afterlife Battlefront-a group whose purpose it is to rebel against God in any way they can. However, standing in their way is the stoic and cold Tenshi, a supposed angelic messenger of God...who just so happens to be the Student Council President! Can Yuri and the rest of the Afterlife Battlefront overcome their fate or are they destined to be stuck in a limbo world forever?!

Agent Nine Solves His First Case

Filename: agent-nine-solves-his-first-case.pdf
ISBN: 9781776670994
Release Date: 2016-05-01
Number of pages: 187
Author: Graham M. Dean
Publisher: The Floating Press

Download and read online Agent Nine Solves His First Case in PDF and EPUB Bob Houston is just embarking on his career as a clerk in the War Department. His uncle, Merritt Hughes, has a much more exciting job as an FBI agent, so Bob is understandably surprised when his uncle comes to him for help getting to the bottom of some suspicious activity. Agent Nine Solves His First Case is a thrilling tale of espionage that's guaranteed to entertain.

Carl Weber s Kingpins ATL

Filename: carl-weber-s-kingpins-atl.pdf
ISBN: 9781622868490
Release Date: 2016-10-25
Number of pages: 288
Author: Brick
Publisher: Urban Books

Download and read online Carl Weber s Kingpins ATL in PDF and EPUB The saying goes you shouldn't bite the hand that feeds you, but maybe you should if that same hand prevents you from feeding yourself. Every territory has a king, and Metro Atlanta is no exception. Gang lords Blanket and Guerilla have been growing their numbers, never beefing until Guerilla decides to expand, thanks to the help of his enemy’s own rook. Caught in the middle of this battle from different sides of the track are London and Saint. Spoiled rich Roanoke girl London Royal is no exception to the old saying that every girl loves a bad boy and his ways. When she visits the downtrodden Jonesboro neighborhood of Goodman with her best friends, her privileged world changes drastically with one party and later, a tow-truck pickup by bad boy Santana Black. Santana "Saint" Black is anything but a saint. Caught up in the drug game, Saint is a runner and enforcer for Blanket—not to mention he’s from the wrong side of the tracks to have his sights set on London. Can they find love in the middle of a kingpin war, or will both fall to the game of the streets?

Our Cats Are More Famous Than Us

Filename: our-cats-are-more-famous-than-us.pdf
ISBN: 1620103834
Release Date: 2017-04-11
Number of pages: 416
Author: Ananth Hirsh
Publisher: Oni Press

Download and read online Our Cats Are More Famous Than Us in PDF and EPUB In 2008, Ananth Hirsh and Yuko Ota launched the auto-bio webcomic Johnny Wander. Eight years, four cats, and three moves are chronicled in this gorgeous hardcover omnibus, which includes a foreword by Raina Telgemeier (Smile, Ghosts). Hirsh and Ota's charming reverie about new adulthood will appeal to fans of Kate Beaton, Bryan Lee O'Malley, and Jeffrey Brown along with anyone who's just winging it."

California Dreamin

Filename: california-dreamin.pdf
ISBN: 9781250156143
Release Date: 2017-03-07
Number of pages: 272
Author: Pénélope Bagieu
Publisher: First Second

Download and read online California Dreamin in PDF and EPUB California Dreamin' from Pénélope Bagieu depicts Mama Cass as you've never known her, in this poignant graphic novel about the remarkable vocalist who rocketed The Mamas & the Papas to stardom. Before she was the legendary Mama Cass of the folk group The Mamas and the Papas, Ellen Cohen was a teen girl from Baltimore with an incredible voice, incredible confidence, and incredible dreams. She dreamed of being not just a singer but a star. Not just a star—a superstar. So, at the age of nineteen, at the dawn of the sixties, Ellen left her hometown and became Cass Elliot. At her size, Cass was never going to be the kind of girl that record producers wanted on album covers. But she found an unlikely group of co-conspirators, and in their short time together this bizarre and dysfunctional band recorded some of the most memorable songs of their era. Through the whirlwind of drugs, war, love, and music, Cass struggled to keep sight of her dreams, of who she loved, and—most importantly—who she was.