Differential Diagnosis in Primary Care

Filename: differential-diagnosis-in-primary-care.pdf
ISBN: 9781451180275
Release Date: 2012-01-19
Number of pages: 608
Author: R. Douglas Collins
Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

Download and read online Differential Diagnosis in Primary Care in PDF and EPUB This text offers students, residents, and practitioners a systematic approach to differential diagnosis of symptoms and signs seen by primary care physicians. The text is organized by symptoms and signs and into categories—pain, mass, bloody discharge, non-bloody discharge, functional changes, and abnormal laboratory results—and shows readers how to use their basic science knowledge to identify the possible causes of each symptom. The text provides information on the procedures and laboratory tests that need to be included in the workup. Features include: • Case presentations in quiz format; • New Appendix C which includes Tips for a more Comprehensive History and Physical Examination and Special Examination Techniques for Common Symptoms; • New section "Diseases within a Disease" (Stroke, Pneumonia, CHF, COPD, Cirrhosis, Peptic Ulcer, Pulmonary Fibrosis, Pericarditis, Myocardopathy, UTI, Renal Calculus, Gall Stones, Hemorrhoids, Thrombophlebitis, Malabsorption Syndrome, Fractures, Diabetes); • Newer diagnostic tests such as Troponin for MI's and D-Dimer for Pulmonary Emboli; • Solution site containing fully searchable text.

Differential Diagnosis for Primary Care

Filename: differential-diagnosis-for-primary-care.pdf
ISBN: 0443102872
Release Date: 2006
Number of pages: 674
Author: Jennifer R. Jamison

Download and read online Differential Diagnosis for Primary Care in PDF and EPUB Intended for use chiefly by non-medically qualified practitioners, particularly those working in the field of manual therapy, the book provides a clear guide through the minefield of signs and symptoms with which clients commonly present. Its aim is to help practitioners to arrive quickly and logically at the correct diagnosis and in so doing to become aware of anything which does not fit the diagnosis and so needs to be referred. Provide a framework in which signs and symptoms commonly encountered in primary practice are differentially diagnosed Flowcharts for each presenting complaint to aid in the formulation of working diagnosis Provides a screening checklist which indicates clinical findings suggesting the need to refer Division of information into sections to facilitate ready referral to information routinely used in clinical practice CDROM added Smaller, easier to use format with a flexicover Inclusion of additional laboratory investigations Updated information

Advanced Health Assessment Clinical Diagnosis in Primary Care

Filename: advanced-health-assessment-clinical-diagnosis-in-primary-care.pdf
ISBN: 9780323277280
Release Date: 2015-04-24
Number of pages: 528
Author: Joyce E. Dains
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

Download and read online Advanced Health Assessment Clinical Diagnosis in Primary Care in PDF and EPUB Take the ‘next step’ in health assessment! Advanced Health Assessment and Clinical Diagnosis in Primary Care, 5th Edition goes beyond basic history and physical examination to help you master the diagnostic reasoning process. You’ll develop this key skill by following assessment guidelines that focus on a specific complaint rather than beginning with a previously established diagnosis or disease entity. Written by advanced practice nursing experts Joyce Dains, Linda Baumann, and Pamela Scheibel, this edition includes new chapters on evidence-based preventive health screening and on heartburn and indigestion, along with a new full-color design. Master the differential diagnosis process outlined in this book, and you’ll be able to accurately diagnose the majority of patients seen in today’s primary care settings. A clear, consistent diagnostic reasoning process takes you to the next step of health assessment — beyond basic history and physical examination to diagnostic reasoning. Diagnostic Reasoning: Focused History sections use ‘self-questions’ to walk you through the thinking process involved in obtaining a pertinent, relevant, problem-specific history that will assist in differential diagnosis. Diagnostic Reasoning: Focused Physical Examination sections explain how to perform more advanced diagnostic techniques and interpret the findings. Key Questions guide you through assessment and toward an accurate diagnosis by listing questions to ask the patient, followed by explanations of what the patient's responses might signify. Laboratory and Diagnostic Studies sections outline the types of studies that might be appropriate based on the focused history and focused physical examination. Differential Diagnosis sections offer the most common diagnoses for each patient problem and summarize the history and physical examination findings, along with recommended laboratory and diagnostic studies. Differential Diagnosis tables provide a quick-reference summary of possible diagnoses for each patient problem. Evidence-Based Practice boxes — more than 30 are NEW — summarize the scientific evidence related to the diagnosis of patient problems. Alphabetical Table of Contents provides a convenient listing of common health problems. NEW Evidence-Based Preventive Health Screening chapter helps you screen for common asymptomatic conditions and promote wellness. NEW Heartburn and Indigestion chapter addresses this common condition and includes important differential diagnoses such as myocardial infarction and cancer of the esophagus. NEW! Separate chapters on limb pain divide the topic by lower extremities and upper extremities, offering more focused, easy-to-locate coverage. NEW! Information on screening for abuse and sexual assault helps in identifying patients who might need additional support or intervention. NEW! Updated information on psychiatric/mental health problems reflects the latest changes in practice as well as changes to the DSM. NEW! More than 20 NEW illustrations enhance content and a full-color design makes topics easier to find.

Differential Diagnosis in Primary Care

Filename: differential-diagnosis-in-primary-care.pdf
ISBN: 9781467246309
Release Date: 2016-10-16
Number of pages: 636
Author: CTI Reviews
Publisher: Cram101 Textbook Reviews

Download and read online Differential Diagnosis in Primary Care in PDF and EPUB Facts101 is your complete guide to Differential Diagnosis in Primary Care. In this book, you will learn topics such as as those in your book plus much more. With key features such as key terms, people and places, Facts101 gives you all the information you need to prepare for your next exam. Our practice tests are specific to the textbook and we have designed tools to make the most of your limited study time.

Differential Diagnosis and Treatment in Primary Care

Filename: differential-diagnosis-and-treatment-in-primary-care.pdf
ISBN: 1496374959
Release Date: 2017-09-01
Number of pages: 608
Author: R. Douglas Collins
Publisher: LWW

Download and read online Differential Diagnosis and Treatment in Primary Care in PDF and EPUB Advance your differential diagnostic skills! For more than three decades, Differential Diagnosis and Treatment in Primary Carehas helped primary care practitioners to systematically approach the differential diagnosis of the symptoms and signs they see in practice. Organized into categories such as pain, mass, bloody discharge, non-bloody discharge, functional changes, and abnormal laboratory results, this bestselling clinical reference helps you apply your basic science knowledge to consider all the possible causes of each symptom, and then take the appropriate steps to determine which one is most likely. Apply the latest knowledge due to comprehensive updates throughout the text, including new signs and symptoms, new and expanded case histories, updated diagnostic tests, and more. Interact with patients more effectively with a new section on bedside manner, and get therapeutic guidance from a new section on the treatment of common diseases. Know what to look for thanks to abundant anatomical drawings that highlight relevant features in each body area. Develop your diagnostic skills with cases and clinical questions for each sign or symptom, as well as the framework for thinking through those questions to arrive at the appropriate diagnosis. Select the appropriate diagnostic procedures and laboratory tests to include in the workup. Recognize when to refer a patient to a specialist with a special section on this topic. Your book purchase includes a complimentary download of the enhanced eBook for iOS, Android, PC & Mac. Take advantage of these practical features that will improve your eBook experience: The ability to download the eBook on multiple devices at one time -- providing a seamless reading experience online or offline Powerful search tools and smart navigation cross-links that allow you to search within this book, or across your entire library of VitalSource eBooks Multiple viewing options that enable you to scale images and text to any size without losing page clarity as well as responsive design The ability to highlight text and add notes with one click See the inside front cover to find out how to access your eBook!

Primary Care for the Physical Therapist

Filename: primary-care-for-the-physical-therapist.pdf
ISBN: 9781437715439
Release Date: 2010-08-03
Number of pages: 432
Author: William G. Boissonnault
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

Download and read online Primary Care for the Physical Therapist in PDF and EPUB Specifically designed to address the expanding role of physical therapists in primary care, the second edition of Primary Care for the Physical Therapist: Examination and Triage provides the information you need to become an effective primary care provider. Acquire the communication and differential diagnosis skills, technical expertise, and clinical decision-making ability to meet the challenges of a changing profession with this unparalleled resource. Emphasizes communication skills vital for establishing rapport and gathering data. Patient interview guides identify what data to collect and how to use it. Overview of the physical examination lays the foundation for different diagnosis and recognition of conditions. A section on Special Populations equips the PT to handle common problems encountered in primary care. Unique approach details pharmacology and diagnostic procedures from a PT perspective for clinically relevant guidance. New information enhances your understanding of the foundations of practice and how to screen and examine the healthy population. Content is reorganized and updated to reflect the current state of PT practice. Companion Evolve resources website enables you to independently review techniques from the text. Top 10 Medical Conditions to Screen For chapter details conditions that have major significance in incidence, mortality, and morbidity all in one place. Separate chapters on upper and lower quarter screening and a new chapter on symptom investigation by symptom help you screen medical conditions more effectively.

ABC of Emergency Differential Diagnosis

Filename: abc-of-emergency-differential-diagnosis.pdf
ISBN: 9781118598672
Release Date: 2013-05-03
Number of pages: 96
Author: Francis Morris
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

Download and read online ABC of Emergency Differential Diagnosis in PDF and EPUB A practical guide to the diagnosis and treatment of acute symptoms and conditions, the ABC of Emergency Differential Diagnosis provides a step-by-step guide to emergency differential diagnosis for non-specialists in a hospital or primary care setting. This new title in the ABC series covers the assessment, diagnosis, treatment, and management of the most common symptoms with 'walk through' diagnosis, clear learning outcomes, and easy to find treatment options. Using the familiar problem-based teaching approach for rapid assimilation of information, case studies in each chapter allow the reader to be sure that they have synthesised the information given and can apply it to clinical cases.

Differential Diagnosis in Primary Eye Care

Filename: differential-diagnosis-in-primary-eye-care.pdf
ISBN: 0750694629
Release Date: 1999-01
Number of pages: 482
Author: Debra Bezan
Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann Medical

Download and read online Differential Diagnosis in Primary Eye Care in PDF and EPUB Organized by signs and symptoms, this clinical handbook provides a quick reference to the diagnosis and treatment of ocular disorders. Over 60 ocular signs and symptoms are presented in an expanded outline format for easy reference. Each chapter includes a diagnostic algorithm, SOAP (Subjective; Objective; Assessment; Plan -- the four steps that define the differential diagnosis process) notes of five of the most common signs or symptoms, generous use of differential diagnosis tables, and a list of suggested reading.

Goodheart s Same site Differential Diagnosis

Filename: goodheart-s-same-site-differential-diagnosis.pdf
ISBN: 9781605477466
Release Date: 2010-10-25
Number of pages: 402
Author: Herbert P. Goodheart
Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

Download and read online Goodheart s Same site Differential Diagnosis in PDF and EPUB "Goodheart's Same-Site Differential Diagnosis" is an easy-to-use reference for primary care physicians who are often on the front line of diagnosing and treating skin disorders. The book presents 400 full-color images of common skin disorders and places them side by side with their clinical lookalikes.

Taylor s Differential Diagnosis Manual

Filename: taylor-s-differential-diagnosis-manual.pdf
ISBN: 1469874040
Release Date: 2015-04-24
Number of pages: 466

Download and read online Taylor s Differential Diagnosis Manual in PDF and EPUB "Taylor's Differential Diagnosis manual is a quick-reference pocket book, written for primary care professionals who face diagnostic problems in brief office visits. It offers evidence-based guidelines on which key questions to ask and what data to obtain in order to provide sound diagnoses of common adult problems. More than 140 chapters in eighteen sections cover symptoms and signs in mental health problems, vision, ear nose and throat, cardiovascular, respiratory, urologic, female reproductive, musculoskeletal, dermatology and more. New for this edition are new chapters on abnormal mammogram, anticoagulation, bipolar disorder, corneal abrasion, dyspareunia and loss of vision as well as the latest clinical evidence and changes in clinical practice since the prior edition"--Provided by publisher.

Differential Diagnosis in Dermatology

Filename: differential-diagnosis-in-dermatology.pdf
ISBN: 9781857756609
Release Date: 2005
Number of pages: 410
Author: Richard Ashton
Publisher: Radcliffe Publishing

Download and read online Differential Diagnosis in Dermatology in PDF and EPUB Written for primary care physicians, this reference describes the symptoms of skin disorders, illustrates their appearance in color photographs, and provides algorithms for diagnosis. The British dermatologists cover erythematous rashes on the face and trunk, mouth ulcers, problems in the hairy scalp, and lesions on the lower legs, hands, and feet.

DSM 5 Handbook of Differential Diagnosis

Filename: dsm-5-handbook-of-differential-diagnosis.pdf
ISBN: 9781585624621
Release Date: 2013-11-19
Number of pages: 322
Author: Michael B. First, M.D.
Publisher: American Psychiatric Pub

Download and read online DSM 5 Handbook of Differential Diagnosis in PDF and EPUB The DSM-5® Handbook of Differential Diagnosis helps clinicians and students improve their skill in formulating a comprehensive differential diagnosis by including the DSM-5® classification and providing a variety of approaches, including a six-step diagnostic framework, 29 bottom-up "decision trees," and 66 differential diagnosis tables.

Differential Diagnosis for the Advanced Practice Nurse

Filename: differential-diagnosis-for-the-advanced-practice-nurse.pdf
ISBN: 9780826110282
Release Date: 2014-07-17
Number of pages: 338
Author: Marilee Murphy Jensen, MN, ARNP
Publisher: Springer Publishing Company

Download and read online Differential Diagnosis for the Advanced Practice Nurse in PDF and EPUB "Developing a comprehensive differential diagnosis for a specific complaint is a daunting task even for experienced advanced practice nurses. This user-friendly clinical guide provides a strategy or standard format for working through this complex task. It is a wonderful tool for both student and new advanced practice nurses... 5 stars." -- Kathleen M. Woodruff, DNP, Doody's Book Reviews Establishing a differential diagnosis can be challenging even for expert advanced practice nurses (APRNs), let alone students. This easy-access clinical guide to commonly seen symptoms, written for APRN students and new practitioners, describes step by step how to obtain a reliable patient history and choose the appropriate directed physical exam for the presenting problem, followed by how to use this patient history and physical exam findings to form a differential diagnosis. Unfolding case scenarios provided for each symptom further demonstrate a sound process for formulating a differential diagnosis that the APRN can use throughout clinical practice. The book features 38 of the most commonly presented symptoms, each of which includes exam findings and differential diagnosis. It describes diagnostic tests with a guide to when they should be ordered (or delayed) based on clinical findings, and common management plans for diagnostic testing. It discusses the correct approach to diagnostic reasoning including determining the focused assessment, choosing the appropriate assessment tests or lab tests, and critically thinking through the assessment and diagnostic data to arrive at an appropriate diagnosis. A unique feature of the guide is its provision of a Case Study History (presenting directed questions and patient responses), Physical Exam Findings, a Differential Diagnosis Table (clearly comparing potential diagnostic choices based on symptoms), a Diagnostic Examination Table (including estimated costs and codes), and a Case Study Summary, to further clarify strategies for arriving at the correct diagnosis. Key Features: Helps students and novice nurses obtain directed problem-focused history and examination for common patient symptoms Demonstrates a step-by-step approach to building clinical decision-making skills Offers quick access to common differential diagnoses, requisite diagnostic tests, and clinical decision making Uses unfolding case scenarios for each symptom to illustrate the clinical decision-making, diagnostic process Includes unique tables that help to clarify strategies for diagnostic decision making

Primary Care

Filename: primary-care.pdf
ISBN: 9780323075015
Release Date: 2013
Number of pages: 1396
Author: Terry Mahan Buttaro
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

Download and read online Primary Care in PDF and EPUB Written by and for Nurse Practitioners from a unique collaborative perspective, Primary Care: A Collaborative Practice, 4th Edition, prepares you to provide care for all of the major disorders of adults seen in the outpatient setting. Evidence-based content reflects the latest guidelines for primary care of hundreds of conditions, including hypertension, diabetes, and sexually transmitted infections. Now in full color, the 4th Edition includes chapters on emerging topics such as genetics, obesity, lifestyle management, and emergency preparedness. Combining a special blend of academic and clinical expertise, the author team provides a practical text/reference that promotes a truly collaborative primary care practice. Comprehensive, evidence-based content incorporates the latest standardized guidelines for primary care in today's fast-paced, collaborative environment. Unique! A collaborative perspective, reflecting the key roles of NPs, MDs, PAs, PharmDs, and others, promotes seamless continuity of care. A consistent format from chapter to chapters facilitates learning and clinical reference value. Diagnostics and Differential Diagnosis boxes provide a quick reference for diagnosing disorders and helping to develop effective management plans. Physician Consultation icons highlight situations or conditions in which consultation is either recommended or necessary. Emergency Referral icons identify signs and symptoms that indicate the need for immediate referral to an emergency facility. Co-management with Specialists discussions help you provide truly collaborative care in the outpatient setting. Complementary and alternative therapies are addressed where supported by solid research evidence. NEW Inclusion of evidence-based guidelines for such topics as hypertension, diabetes, advanced cardiac life support, coronary artery disease, and sexually transmitted infections equips you to provide state-of-the-science primary care in these key areas. An expanded emphasis on caring for the elderly, italicized for easy identification, equips you to provide high-quality care for our aging population. NEW Obesity and Weight Management chapter explores the causes of and risk factors for obesity, and provides in-depth strategies for its management and prevention. NEW Genetic Considerations in Primary Care chapter helps you look at primary care with a genetic perspective, focusing on risk assessment, family history-taking, and direct-to-consumer genetic testing. NEW Lifestyle Management chapter offers guidelines for helping patients to increase their quality and length of life through nutrition and diet, smoking cessation, avoidance of lifestyle-related illnesses, and curbing domestic violence. NEW Emergency Preparedness, Recognition, and Response in Primary Care chapter addresses the emerging role of primary care providers in responding to outbreaks, pandemics, and disasters. NEW Neuropsychological Evaluation chapter explains when to refer patients with cognitive difficulties for neuropsychological testing. NEW Environmental Allergies chapter addresses increasingly common allergy complaints. NEW full-color design makes the text easier to read and easier to use, with key assessment findings shown in true-to-life color photos. Expanded The Changing Landscape of Collaboratve Practice chapter covers new partners in collaborative practice (DPTs and PharmDs), new venues for collaborative practice (such as retail health), and the future of collaborative practice (including health care reform, the patient-centered medical home, telehealth, and electronic medical records). Expanded Health Literacy, Health Care Disparities, and Culturally Competent Care chapter includes a section on health care disparities in the treatment of patients with diabetes and LGBT patients. Expanded Principles of Geriatric Primary Care and Common Geriatric Syndromes chapter provides greater emphasis on the care of older adults, including additional information on advance directives.

Lippincott s Primary Care Psychiatry

Filename: lippincott-s-primary-care-psychiatry.pdf
ISBN: 9781451152876
Release Date: 2012-03-28
Number of pages: 352
Author: Robert M. McCarron
Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

Download and read online Lippincott s Primary Care Psychiatry in PDF and EPUB This book helps family practitioners, internists, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and mental health practitioners understand, diagnose, and effectively treat the most common psychiatric problems seen in the primary care office setting. The introductory chapter addresses the primary care psychiatric interview. Subsequent chapters cover specific disorders and follow a consistent format: Introductory Case; Clinical Highlights; Clinical Significance; Diagnosis; Differential Diagnosis, including "Not to Be Missed" points; Biopsychosocial Treatment, including "When to Refer"; Practice Pointers case studies; ICD-9 codes; and Practical Resources. Appendices include time-saving strategies and medication tables. An anatomical wall chart for the office is also included. A companion Website includes fully searchable text and patient handouts for various psychiatric disorders.