Take Me On A Safari A Family Affair

Filename: take-me-on-a-safari-a-family-affair.pdf
ISBN: 9781611603798
Release Date: 2013-01-01
Number of pages: 149
Author: Anthony Mauro
Publisher: Simon and Schuster

Download and read online Take Me On A Safari A Family Affair in PDF and EPUB A compelling and one of a kind chronicle of a husband, wife, their teenage son, young daughter, and "grand mom" on safari in rural South Africa. This is the unforgettable memoir of the Mauro family, swept from their daily routines in suburbia U.S.A. and thrust into the center of adventure, drama and suspense in a remote corner of the Dark Continent. The experience strengthened family bonds, exposed them to the wonders of an ancient land and laid witness the timeless rituals of wildlife. This uniquely written account also includes the unedited thoughts of family members as taken from their diaries.

Take Control of Safari 4

Filename: take-control-of-safari-4.pdf
ISBN: 9781933671666
Release Date: 2009
Number of pages: 92
Author: Sharon Zardetto
Publisher: TidBITS

Download and read online Take Control of Safari 4 in PDF and EPUB Read this book to learn answers to questions like these: How do I load six Web pages at once?Now that I've loaded six pages, how do I best work with them?What are all the keyboard shortcuts for working with tabs?How do I bookmark a page I want to return to?How do I import Firefox bookmarks?I have 1,042 bookmarks. Is there a sensible way to search or organize them?What are the default keyboard shortcuts for the bookmarks bar?Can I search for text on the currently active Web page?How do I erase my history to prevent someone snooping through it?Where does Safari store Web site user names and passwords?Help! However Safari stored my password, it doesn't work any more!How do I use Safari to read RSS headlines from different sites?How do I "snip" a Web page to make it into a Dashboard widget?

Nature Lessons

Filename: nature-lessons.pdf
ISBN: 9781466854949
Release Date: 2013-10-22
Number of pages: 288
Author: Lynette Brasfield
Publisher: St. Martin's Press

Download and read online Nature Lessons in PDF and EPUB A first-rate, beautifully-written novel about an émigré living in the States who goes back to her native South Africa to look for her missing mother--a fictional debut that will be a draw both to critics and to readers of fine, accessible fiction Set against a backdrop of South Africa's troubled history, natural beauty, and complex contemporary society, Nature Lessons is a riveting story of a forty-year-old woman, Kate Jensen, struggling to come to terms with the legacy of growing up with a mentally ill mother--including an inability to form long-term, committed relationships--and the guilt she feels as a white person who grew up during the apartheid era. Leavened with humor and full of wisdom gained from a childhood where nature's lessons were all too visible to ignore, Lynette Brasfield has written a heartbreaking but ultimately affirming novel about growing up in the shadow of mental illness.

Deadly Safari

Filename: deadly-safari.pdf
ISBN: 9780373445899
Release Date: 2014
Number of pages: 215
Author: Lisa Harris
Publisher: Harlequin

Download and read online Deadly Safari in PDF and EPUB BODYGUARD UNDER COVER Texas Ranger Alex Markham lands an unusual assignment—protecting an ambassador's daughter on the African savanna. No one—not even wildlife filmmaker Meghan Jordan herself—can know his true identity. The stubborn but beautiful Meghan is nothing like the bookish woman he expected…and neither is his unguarded reaction to her. For the cowboy-turned-cop, the routine babysitting assignment turns into a lifesaving mission when poachers target the unsuspecting beauty. But when Meghan learns the truth of Alex's identity, can she forgive him before their chances for a future are destroyed forever?

Alone in Africa

Filename: alone-in-africa.pdf
ISBN: 1432722220
Release Date: 2008-04
Number of pages: 516
Author: Steven Bursi

Download and read online Alone in Africa in PDF and EPUB Is Africa calling you?! We teachers think about a lot of things in February, mostly Spring Break. But for me it's the time of year that I think about getting married. Only there's a small problem: I don't have a fiancee. And so for the past ten years I have spent February planning my summer trip overseas. . . to look for a wife. When school ends in May I'm off to some exotic corner of the planet returning the day before school starts in the fall. My hitchhiking treks have taken me around the world, sleeping under bridges, in train stations, and on park benches! But go I must, for the thought of spending a summer in Phoenix. . . alone. . . is totally unacceptable. And rather than wait for Ms. Right to find me, and go nuts in the meantime, I go out into the world to find her. This year's wife hunting safari will actually take me to the homeland of all safaris. . . Africa! Perfect plan, now I just need to find that cheap ticket.

Up in the Air

Filename: up-in-the-air.pdf
ISBN: 9781471112270
Release Date: 2013-03-28
Number of pages: 304
Author: Betty Riegel
Publisher: Simon and Schuster

Download and read online Up in the Air in PDF and EPUB New York, 1961: the dawn of the commercial Jet Age and a golden era of air travel. Betty Riegel spent her early childhood hiding in air-raid shelters as bombs dropped all around. From humble working-class roots, growing up with a mother who struggled to make ends meet and a father away at war, she had always dreamed of bigger things. After responding to an advert in the local newspaper she secured herself an interview for the Pan Am training programme, and at just 22-years-old was selected from thousands of eager young British women to begin a career that would change the course of her life. Betty said goodbye to everything she knew and boarded a plane to New York, a city full of noise, towering skyscrapers and promise. Under the watchful eye of her 'housemother', Dottie, Betty mastered the art of being the perfect Pan Am stewardess; everything from faultless etiquette, geography and safety to seamless make-up application, how to charm influential passengers and preparing five-course Parisian cuisine at 37,000 feet. But no amount of training could have prepared her for the rollercoaster of life in the air. Up in the Aircharts the gruelling yet fabulous life aboard the most iconic airline there has ever been, and how a young woman from Essex opened her eyes to the world and lived her dream.

Hollywood Bliss My Life So Far

Filename: hollywood-bliss-my-life-so-far.pdf
ISBN: 9781599900933
Release Date: 2007-07-24
Number of pages: 288
Author: Chloe Rayban
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA

Download and read online Hollywood Bliss My Life So Far in PDF and EPUB Thirteen-year-old Holly moves to New York with her superstar mom and finds trouble in the form of her father, a new pet, and a boy named Shug, who is the son of her mother's boyfriend.

Excel Annoyances

Filename: excel-annoyances.pdf
ISBN: 0596007280
Release Date: 2005-01-01
Number of pages: 235
Author: Curtis Frye
Publisher: "O'Reilly Media, Inc."

Download and read online Excel Annoyances in PDF and EPUB A guide to handling a vareity of quirks, bugs, and hidden features found in Microsoft Excel.


Filename: safari.pdf
ISBN: 9781449056933
Release Date: 2009-12
Number of pages: 176
Author: Millie Kelley
Publisher: AuthorHouse

Download and read online Safari in PDF and EPUB Pressure --personal or professional --can yield precious results. Millie Kelley's first work, A Diamond in the Rough, proves that a strong, southern, smalltown writer can create her own gem... Chapter after chapter, readers will become engaged and intrigued as the storyline unravels." --Elizabeth Wilder, Eyewitness News, WNCT TV, Greenville, North Carolina A Diamond in the Rough is a tale of triumph, tragedy, deceit, and love that spans three generations and two continents. Journey with the McCartney family from the rugged hunting grounds of the Colorado mountains, where one can hear snow melting from the trees, to the spectacular countryside of South Africa, where one can hear the elephants tromping over trees. Their thriving safari business is adventure enough for Matt, but his sister Jess is seeking more. When she returns to the States to live out her altruistic ideologies, however, she becomes entangled in a sinister plot

Take Me To Your Leader

Filename: take-me-to-your-leader.pdf
ISBN: 9781469725833
Release Date: 2003-07-10
Number of pages: 162
Author: Debra Talbert
Publisher: iUniverse

Download and read online Take Me To Your Leader in PDF and EPUB Take Me To Your Leader: Taking the Lead In Our Lives is about turning points. About our turning points. That moment when something in us shifts and allows us to make different choices, and to create a different story for ourselves. It is the collected wisdom of people who have faced that moment locked in board rooms, stopped at traffic lights, standing at pulpits, sitting in churches, staring in the mirror. People who, whatever else they were doing, made the choice to take the lead. Here you will find seven areas of belief and practice, where increased awareness of your choices can trigger a shift, a turning point, in taking the lead in your own life.

Saharan Safari

Filename: saharan-safari.pdf
ISBN: 9781475942439
Release Date: 2012-08
Number of pages: 150
Author: Ted Jones
Publisher: iUniverse

Download and read online Saharan Safari in PDF and EPUB We took our VW camper on a freighter to Morocco, 1969-70. This is the story of our adventures for ten months. Our only help came from our research and guide books purchased in New York and Casablanca.

Safari A Stanley Hastings Mystery Stanley Hastings Mysteries

Filename: safari-a-stanley-hastings-mystery-stanley-hastings-mysteries.pdf
ISBN: 9781605987170
Release Date: 2014-11-15
Number of pages: 336
Author: Parnell Hall
Publisher: Pegasus Books

Download and read online Safari A Stanley Hastings Mystery Stanley Hastings Mysteries in PDF and EPUB The new Stanley Hastings mystery caper, which takes the ever-loquacious private detective on safari in Zambia . . . What could possibly go wrong? Stanley Hastings on safari? I don’t think so. Neither did Stanley, until Alice’s small inheritance—coupled with scrimping on a few luxuries like food and rent—allowed them to book a group trip to Zambia. Now the New York PI is hiking with lions, canoeing with hippos, and having close encounters with elephants and giraffes. It’s a dangerous safari. The leader is a reckless, gung-ho, great white hunter who delights in leaping from the jeep with a hearty “Come on, gang, let’s see where this lion is going!” And a series of bizarre accidents quickly dwindles the group’s numbers. Why was the guide’s young spotter foolish enough to walk under a sausage fruit tree . . . just as one of the huge sausage fruits fell? How did the leaves of a poisonous plant wind up in a tourist’s salad? Are these really accidents? A stabbing tips the scale. It’s murder, and the only policeman in a hundred miles is a park ranger (whose only murder case was that of an ivory poacher shot dead in plain sight). It’s up to Stanley to crack the case . . . if he can just avoid being eaten by a lion.

Meet Me Under the Ombu Tree

Filename: meet-me-under-the-ombu-tree.pdf
ISBN: 9781471132131
Release Date: 2014-01-02
Number of pages: 608
Author: Santa Montefiore
Publisher: Simon and Schuster

Download and read online Meet Me Under the Ombu Tree in PDF and EPUB An extraordinary tale of love, desire and forgiveness from the number one bestselling author of Songs of love and War. Sofia Solanas grows up on a beautiful ranch in the middle of the Argentine pampa. In a world of old-fashioned values, she carves out a place as a rebellious and passionate young woman. But eventually, her stubborn nature leads her to trouble … When Sofia’s mother Anna discovers that Sofia has embarked on a forbidden love affair, she must act in order to save the family from shame. She sends Sofia to Europe – away from her friends and family and the man Sofia loves. But then, more than twenty years later, a family tragedy calls Sofia home, and she must discover if her passion still lives on …

Mac OS X Snow Leopard for Power Users

Filename: mac-os-x-snow-leopard-for-power-users.pdf
ISBN: 9781430230311
Release Date: 2011-01-11
Number of pages: 480
Author: Scott Granneman
Publisher: Apress

Download and read online Mac OS X Snow Leopard for Power Users in PDF and EPUB Mac OS X Snow Leopard for Power Users: Advanced Capabilities and Techniques is for Mac OS X users who want to go beyond the obvious, the standard, and the easy. If want to dig deeper into Mac OS X and maximize your skills and productivity using the world's slickest and most elegant operating system, then this is the book for you. Written by Scott Granneman, an experienced teacher, developer, and consultant, Mac OS X for Power Users helps you push Mac OS X to the max, unveiling advanced techniques and options that you may have not known even existed. Create custom workflows and apps with Automator, run Windows programs and even Windows itself without dual-booting, and sync data on your hard drive, on your phone, and in the cloud—learn all of these techniques and more. This is not a book that talks down to you; Mac OS X for Power Users is an essential book for experienced Mac users who are smart enough to know there is more to be known, and are ready to become power users.

Major Bruton s Ugandan Safari

Filename: major-bruton-s-ugandan-safari.pdf
ISBN: 9781447796497
Release Date: 2011-09
Number of pages: 236
Author: Michael Fitzalan
Publisher: Lulu.com

Download and read online Major Bruton s Ugandan Safari in PDF and EPUB Major Bruton's Safari - Preparations for a coronation lead to a family visiting Uganda. The family, travelling to Africa as a group for the first time, know that adventures and disasters await. It is not what life throws at you but how you deal with it that counts. This is a humorous and warm account of a family's frustration and bewilderment. From being stranded in Lake Victoria with no fuel to being buffeted in a tropical storm near Murchinson Falls, the Bruton family embraced adversity with humour and tenacity. This book is probably the funniest account of travels abroad that you will ever read. With laughter comes drama and adversity, perhaps too, the key to a mystery that has kept Scotland Yard baffled for over forty years...