The Old Weird America

Filename: the-old-weird-america.pdf
ISBN: 1429961589
Release Date: 2011-04-26
Number of pages: 304
Author: Greil Marcus
Publisher: Picador

Download and read online The Old Weird America in PDF and EPUB A Special Edition with a New Introduction and an Updated Discography This is Greil Marcus's acclaimed book on the secret music made by Bob Dylan and the Band in 1967, which introduced a phrase that has become part of the culture: "the old, weird America." It is this country that the book maps—the "playground of God, Satan, tricksters, Puritans, confidence men, illuminati, braggarts, preachers, anonymous poets of all stripes" (Luc Sante, New York magazine). In honor of Dylan's seventieth birthday, this special edition includes a new introduction, an updated discography, and a cover featuring never-before-seen photographs of the legendary recording sessions.

Invisible Republic

Filename: invisible-republic.pdf
ISBN: 033033624X
Release Date: 1998
Number of pages: 286
Author: Greil Marcus
Publisher: Pan Macmillan

Download and read online Invisible Republic in PDF and EPUB Out of a house called Big Pink came music that remains as seductive and baffling today as it was over thirty years ago. ‘Marcus’s contention is that there can be found in American folk a community as deep, as electric, as perverse and as conflicted as all America, and that the songs Dylan recorded out of the public eye, in a basement in Woodstock with the group who would later become The Band, are where that community as a whole gets to speak . . . Books this good should be burnt’ Mark Sinker, Wire ‘We owe God a death, and Greil Marcus owed all God’s children a lifework on Bob Dylan. And here it is, one heaven of a book . . . what Marcus brings to these songs is a variety of good things: fierce fervour, social convictions, a loving discrimination, never a touch of envy and an extraordinary ability to evoke in words the very feel (throaty, threatening, thorough, thick with thought) of a man’s voice, of this man’s voice’ Christopher Ricks, Guardian ‘You will want to read its most provoking parts over and over and chances are, twenty years from now, it will stand as one of the classics of American criticism’ Mikal Gilmore, Observer ‘A rare ability to describe the genesis of a song and make it sound better than any song you have ever heard’ Tim Adams, Times Literary Supplement

The Old Weird America

Filename: the-old-weird-america.pdf
ISBN: UOM:39015076125346
Release Date: 2008
Number of pages: 159
Author: Toby Kamps
Publisher: Contemporary Arts Museum

Download and read online The Old Weird America in PDF and EPUB Edited by Polly Koch. Foreword by Linda Shearer. Introduction by Toby Kamps.

Bob Dylan In America

Filename: bob-dylan-in-america.pdf
ISBN: 9781407074115
Release Date: 2011-02-15
Number of pages: 400
Author: Sean Wilentz
Publisher: Random House

Download and read online Bob Dylan In America in PDF and EPUB A brilliantly written and groundbreaking book about Dylan's music – now the recipient of the Nobel Prize for Literature 2016 – and its musical, political and cultural roots in early 20th-century America Growing up in Greenwich Village in the 1960s Sean Wilentz discovered the music of Bob Dylan as a young teenager. Almost half a century later, now a distinguished professor of American history, he revisits Dylan's work with the critical skills of a scholar and the passion of a fan. Drawing partly on his work as the current historian-in-residence on Dylan's official website, Sean Wilentz provides a unique blend of biography, memoir and analysis in a book which, much like its subject, shifts gears and changes shape as the occasion demands.

Hubert s Freaks

Filename: hubert-s-freaks.pdf
ISBN: 9780547540443
Release Date: 2009-04-15
Number of pages: 288
Author: Gregory Gibson
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Download and read online Hubert s Freaks in PDF and EPUB From the moment Bob Langmuir, a down-and-out rare book dealer, spies some intriguing photographs in the archive of a midcentury Times Square freak show, he knows he's on to something. It turns out he's made the find of a lifetime--never-before-seen prints by the legendary Diane Arbus. Furthermore, he begins to suspect that what he's found may add a pivotal chapter to what is now known about Arbus as well as about the "old weird America," in Greil Marcus's phrase, that Hubert's inhabited. Bob's ensuing adventure--a roller-coaster ride filled with bizarre characters and coincidences--takes him from the fringes of the rare book business to Sotheby's, and from the exhibits of a run-down Times Square freak show to the curator's office of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Will the photos be authenticated? How will Arbus's notoriously protective daughter react? Most importantly, can Bob, who always manages to screw up his most promising deals, finally make just one big score?

Weird America

Filename: weird-america.pdf
ISBN: WISC:89058353483
Release Date: 1978-03
Number of pages: 257
Author: Jim Brandon
Publisher: Plume

Download and read online Weird America in PDF and EPUB A state-by-state compilation of descriptions of ghost towns, rock carvings, unusual structures, canyons, and other strange archaeological, geological, and anthropological discoveries

Like a Rolling Stone

Filename: like-a-rolling-stone.pdf
ISBN: 158648382X
Release Date: 2006
Number of pages: 286
Author: Greil Marcus
Publisher: PublicAffairs

Download and read online Like a Rolling Stone in PDF and EPUB Describes the cultural context and impact of the song "Like a Rolling Stone," examining its musical antecedents, the song's place in Dylan's career, the circumstances of its production, its lyrical and musical structure and meaning, and its treatment in the hands of other musicians.

Spit Baths

Filename: spit-baths.pdf
ISBN: 9780820342184
Release Date: 2012-04-01
Number of pages: 174
Author: Greg Downs
Publisher: University of Georgia Press

Download and read online Spit Baths in PDF and EPUB A collection of stories follows Embee, Rudy, Peg, and similar young folks who live off the map in the South and Midwest, tying their identities to place above all else as the world becomes increasingly detached.

Do Not Sell At Any Price

Filename: do-not-sell-at-any-price.pdf
ISBN: 9781451667073
Release Date: 2014-07-08
Number of pages: 272
Author: Amanda Petrusich
Publisher: Simon and Schuster

Download and read online Do Not Sell At Any Price in PDF and EPUB “A thoughtful, entertaining history of obsessed music collectors and their quest for rare early 78 rpm records” (Los Angeles Times), Do Not Sell at Any Price is a fascinating, complex story of preservation, loss, obsession, and art. Before MP3s, CDs, and cassette tapes, even before LPs or 45s, the world listened to music on fragile, 10-inch shellac discs that spun at 78 revolutions per minute. While vinyl has enjoyed a renaissance in recent years, rare and noteworthy 78rpm records are exponentially harder to come by. The most sought-after sides now command tens of thousands of dollars, when they’re found at all. Do Not Sell at Any Price is the untold story of a fixated coterie of record collectors working to ensure those songs aren’t lost forever. Music critic and author Amanda Petrusich considers the particular world of the 78—from its heyday to its near extinction—and examines how a cabal of competitive, quirky individuals have been frantically lining their shelves with some of the rarest records in the world. Besides the mania of collecting, Petrusich also explores the history of the lost backwoods blues artists from the 1920s and 30s whose work has barely survived and introduces the oddball fraternity of men—including Joe Bussard, Chris King, John Tefteller, and others—who are helping to save and digitize the blues, country, jazz, and gospel records that ultimately gave seed to the rock, pop, and hip-hop we hear today. From Thomas Edison to Jack White, Do Not Sell at Any Price is an untold, intriguing story of the evolution of the recording formats that have changed the ways we listen to (and create) music. “Whether you’re already a 78 aficionado, a casual record collector, a crate-digger, or just someone…who enjoys listening to music, you’re going to love this book” (Slate).

Weird Like Us

Filename: weird-like-us.pdf
ISBN: 9780684838083
Release Date: 2000
Number of pages: 287
Author: Ann Powers
Publisher: Simon and Schuster

Download and read online Weird Like Us in PDF and EPUB Describes the various subcultures trying to reshape America today, and includes interviews with modern bohemians, who share their views on life

Harry Smith

Filename: harry-smith.pdf
ISBN: 9780892367351
Release Date: 2010-01-01
Number of pages: 286
Author: Andrew Perchuk
Publisher: Getty Publications

Download and read online Harry Smith in PDF and EPUB Filmmaker, musicologist, painter, ethnographer, graphic designer, mystic, and collector of string figures and other patterns, Harry Smith (1927-1991) was among the most original creative forces in postwar American art and culture, yet his life and work remain poorly understood. Today he is remembered primarily for his Anthology of American Folk Music (1952)--an idiosyncratic collection of early recordings that educated and inspired a generation of musicians and roots music fans--and for a body of innovative abstract and nonnarrative films. Constituting a first attempt to locate Smith and his diverse endeavors within the history of avant-garde art production in twentieth-century America, the essays in this volume reach across Smith's artistic oeuvre. In addition to contributions by Paul Arthur, Robert Cantwell, Thomas Crow, Stephen Fredman, Stephen Hinton, Greil Marcus, Annette Michelson, William Moritz, and P. Adams Sitney, the volume contains numerous illustrations of Smith's works and a selection of his letters and other primary sources.

America s Instrument

Filename: america-s-instrument.pdf
ISBN: 0807824844
Release Date: 1999
Number of pages: 303
Author: Philip F. Gura
Publisher: UNC Press Books

Download and read online America s Instrument in PDF and EPUB This handsome illustrated history traces the transformation of the banjo from primitive folk instrument to sophisticated musical machine and, in the process, offers a unique view of the music business in nineteenth-century America. Philip Gura and Jame

Dead Elvis

Filename: dead-elvis.pdf
ISBN: 0674194225
Release Date: 1999
Number of pages: 233
Author: Greil Marcus
Publisher: Harvard University Press

Download and read online Dead Elvis in PDF and EPUB In life, Elvis Presley went from childhood poverty to stardom, from world fame to dissipation and early death. As Greil Marcus shows in this remarkable book, Presley's journey after death takes him even further, pushing him beyond his own frontiers to merge with the American public consciousnessâe"and the American subconscious. As he listens in on the public conversation that recreates Elvis after death, Marcus tracks the path of Presley's resurrection. He grafts together scattered fragments of the eclectic dialogueâe"snatches of movies and music, books and newspapers, photographs, posters, cartoonsâe"and amazes us with not only what America has been saying as it raises its late king, but also what this strange obsession with a dead Elvis can tell us about America itself.

Wicked River

Filename: wicked-river.pdf
ISBN: 9780307379511
Release Date: 2010-10-19
Number of pages: 368
Author: Lee Sandlin
Publisher: Vintage

Download and read online Wicked River in PDF and EPUB A riveting narrative look at one of the most colorful, dangerous, and peculiar places in America's historical landscape: the strange, wonderful, and mysterious Mississippi River of the 19th century. Beginning in the early 1800s and climaxing with the siege of Vicksburg in 1863, Wicked River brings to life a place where river pirates brushed elbows with future presidents and religious visionaries shared passage with thieves. Here is a minute-by-minute account of Natchez being flattened by a tornado; the St. Louis harbor being crushed by a massive ice floe; hidden, nefarious celebrations of Mardi Gras; and the sinking of the Sultana, the worst naval disaster in American history. Here, too, is the Mississippi itself: gorgeous, perilous, and unpredictable. Masterfully told, Wicked River is an exuberant work of Americana that portrays a forgotten society on the edge of revolutionary change.

Electric Eden

Filename: electric-eden.pdf
ISBN: 9780571258420
Release Date: 2010-08-19
Number of pages: 672
Author: Rob Young
Publisher: Faber & Faber

Download and read online Electric Eden in PDF and EPUB Electric Eden documents one of the great untold stories of British music over the past century. While ostensibly purporting to be a history of that much derided (though currently fashionable) four-letter word, 'folk', Electric Eden will be a magnificent survey of the visionary, topographic and esoteric impulses that have driven the margins of British visionary folk music from Vaughan Williams and Holst to The Incredible String Band, Nick Drake, John Martyn and Aphex Twin. For the first time the full story of the extraordinary period of folk rock from the mid 1960s to the mid 1970s will be told in a book with the breadth of a social history touching on sonic worship, pagan architecture, land art, ley lines and ther outer fringes of the avant garde. Electric Eden identifies a particularly English wellspring of imagery and imagination, an undercurrent that has fed into the creative and organic strand of Britain's music over the past century. From Edwardian composers assimilations of folk song and visionary poetry, via folk rock of the 60s and 70s, the story is brought up to date by placing these earlier movements in a continuum that links through significant figures in 21st century pastoral electronica.