The Precious One

Filename: the-precious-one.pdf
ISBN: 9780062323804
Release Date: 2015-03-24
Number of pages: 384
Author: Marisa de los Santos
Publisher: Harper Collins

Download and read online The Precious One in PDF and EPUB From the New York Times bestselling author of Belong to Me, Love Walked In, and Falling Together comes a captivating novel about friendship, family, second chances, and the redemptive power of love. In all her life, Eustacia “Taisy” Cleary has given her heart to only three men: her first love, Ben Ransom; her twin brother, Marcus; and Wilson Cleary—professor, inventor, philanderer, self-made millionaire, brilliant man, breathtaking jerk: her father. Seventeen years ago, Wilson ditched his first family for Caroline, a beautiful young sculptor. In all that time, Taisy’s family has seen Wilson, Caroline, and their daughter, Willow, only once. Why then, is Wilson calling Taisy now, inviting her for an extended visit, encouraging her to meet her pretty sister—a teenager who views her with jealousy, mistrust, and grudging admiration? Why, now, does Wilson want Taisy to help him write his memoir? Told in alternating voices—Taisy’s strong, unsparing observations and Willow’s naive, heartbreakingly earnest yearnings—The Precious One is an unforgettable novel of family secrets, lost love, and dangerous obsession, a captivating tale with the deep characterization, piercing emotional resonance, and heartfelt insight that are the hallmarks of Marisa de los Santos’s beloved works.

The Precious Dreadful

Filename: the-precious-dreadful.pdf
ISBN: 9781507202784
Release Date: 2018-02-13
Number of pages: 272
Author: Steven Parlato
Publisher: Simon and Schuster

Download and read online The Precious Dreadful in PDF and EPUB A Simon & Schuster eBook. Simon & Schuster has a great book for every reader.

Love Walked In

Filename: love-walked-in.pdf
ISBN: 9781101213353
Release Date: 2006-11-28
Number of pages: 320
Author: Marisa De Los Santos
Publisher: Penguin

Download and read online Love Walked In in PDF and EPUB “A bewitching, warmhearted grown-up fairy tale about old movies, charming princes, and finding happily ever after in the place where you’d least expect it.”—Jennifer Weiner When Martin Grace enters the hip Philadelphia coffee shop Cornelia Brown manages, her life changes forever. But little does she know that her newfound love is only the harbinger of greater changes to come. Meanwhile, across town, Clare Hobbs—eleven years old and abandoned by her erratic mother—goes looking for her lost father. She crosses paths with Cornelia while meeting with him at the café, and the two women form an improbable friendship that carries them through the unpredictable currents of love and life. Love Walked In, the first novel by award-winning poet Marisa de los Santos, is bursting with keen insight and beautifully rendered prose. Invoking classic movies to illuminate the mystery and wonder of love in all its permutations, Love Walked In is an uplifting debut that marks the entrance of an enchanting literary voice. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Precious Gifts

Filename: precious-gifts.pdf
ISBN: 9781446487730
Release Date: 2015-12-03
Number of pages: 400
Author: Danielle Steel
Publisher: Random House

Download and read online Precious Gifts in PDF and EPUB As a devoted mother, Veronique Parker has dedicated herself to her three daughters, before and since her divorce. Her world is turned upside down, however, when her former husband dies suddenly, leaving her and their daughters astonishing inheritances: a painting of mysterious provenance, a château in the south of France, the freedom to pursue their dreams, and a shocking revelation from the past. The precious gifts he left will lead them on a journey certain to change Veronique and her daughters’ destinies in the most surprising of ways. Danielle Steel is famous for her inspirational stories about family, love and life. Her novels will be enjoyed by readers of Penny Vincenzi, Jodi Picoult and Diane Chamberlain.


Filename: push.pdf
ISBN: 0307474844
Release Date: 2009
Number of pages: 139
Author: Sapphire
Publisher: Vintage Books

Download and read online Push in PDF and EPUB A courageous and determined young teacher opens up a new world of hope and redemption for sixteen-year-old Precious Jones, an abused young African American girl living in Harlem who was raped and left pregnant by her father.

The Kid

Filename: the-kid.pdf
ISBN: 9781101529218
Release Date: 2011-07-05
Number of pages: 400
Author: Sapphire
Publisher: Penguin

Download and read online The Kid in PDF and EPUB Fifteen years after the publication of Push, one year after the Academy Award-winning film adaptation, Sapphire gives voice to Precious's son, Abdul. In The Kid bestselling author Sapphire tells the electrifying story of Abdul Jones, the son of Push's unforgettable heroine, Precious. A story of body and spirit, rooted in the hungers of flesh and of the soul, The Kid brings us deep into the interior life of Abdul Jones. We meet him at age nine, on the day of his mother's funeral. Left alone to navigate a world in which love and hate sometimes hideously masquerade, forced to confront unspeakable violence, his history, and the dark corners of his own heart, Abdul claws his way toward adulthood and toward an identity he can stand behind. In a generational story that moves with the speed of thought from a Mississippi dirt farm to Harlem in its heyday; from a troubled Catholic orphanage to downtown artist's lofts, The Kid tells of a twenty- first-century young man's fight to find a way toward the future. A testament to the ferocity of the human spirit and the deep nourishing power of love and of art, The Kid chronicles a young man about to take flight. In the intimate, terrifying, and deeply alive story of Abdul's journey, we are witness to an artist's birth by fire.

Bright Precious Days

Filename: bright-precious-days.pdf
ISBN: 9781408876572
Release Date: 2016-09-08
Number of pages: 416
Author: Jay McInerney
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

Download and read online Bright Precious Days in PDF and EPUB Russell and Corrine Calloway have spent half their lives in the bright lights of New York. Theirs is the generation that flew too close to the sun on wings of cocaine Â? and whose lives changed irrevocably when planes crashed into the Twin Towers. Now, in 2008, Russell runs his own publishing house and Corrine manages a food redistribution programme. He clings to their loft and the illusion of downtown bohemia, while she longs to have more space for their twelve-year-old twins. Although they try to forget each other's past indiscretions, when Jeff Pierce's posthumous, autobiographical novel garners a new cult following, the memory of their friend begins to haunt the couple, and their marriage feels increasingly unstable. Not helped by the reappearance of Corrine's former lover, Luke McGavock, whose ardour seems no cooler despite having a beautiful new wife in tow. Acutely observed and brilliantly told, Bright, Precious Days dissects the moral complexities of relationships, while painting a portrait of New York as Obama and Clinton battle for leadership and the collapse of Lehman Brothers looms. A moving, deeply humane novel about the mistakes we make, persistence in struggle and love's ability to adapt and survive, it confirms McInerney as a great chronicler of our times.

Precious and Grace

Filename: precious-and-grace.pdf
ISBN: 9781408708132
Release Date: 2016-09-01
Number of pages: 256
Author: Alexander McCall Smith
Publisher: Hachette UK

Download and read online Precious and Grace in PDF and EPUB This is the story of Precious and Grace, known to one another and their friends as Mma Ramotswe and Mma Makutsi, co-directors of the No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency. For years the two women have been helping people with the problems in their lives, but their partnership is tested by a curious case: a client who wants to rediscover the life she lost when she left Botswana thirty years ago. Mma Ramotswe and Mma Makutsi soon find that the quest for the truth takes them in very different directions. They are each convinced that they are on the right track - but what if they are both wrong? Meanwhile Mma Ramotswe must extract Mr Polopetsi - part-time assistant detective - from a potential disaster with wide-reaching consequences, deal with a stray dog that Fanwell - the gentle mechanic - has brought into their lives, and cope with the agency's arch-enemy, Violet Sephotho. Steeped in the heat of summer in Botswana, and packed with intrigue, this heartfelt tale of friendship under pressure reveals how coming to terms with the past may be the only way to face the future.

Precious Bones

Filename: precious-bones.pdf
ISBN: 9780307974211
Release Date: 2012-05-08
Number of pages: 352
Author: Mika Ashley-Hollinger
Publisher: Delacorte Books for Young Readers

Download and read online Precious Bones in PDF and EPUB Meet ten-year-old Bones, whose playground is the Florida swamps, brimming with mystical witches, black bears, alligators and bobcats. Bones' father, Nolay, a Miccosukee Indian, is smart and mischievous. Her Mama, practical as corn bread, can see straight into Bones' soul. It's summer, and Bones is busy hunting and fishing with her best friend, Little Man. But then two Yankee real estate agents trespass on her family's land, and Nolay scares them off with his gun. When a storm blows in and Bones and Little Man uncover something horrible at the edge of the Loo-chee swamp, the evidence of foul play points to Nolay. The only person that can help Nolay is Sheriff LeRoy, who's as slow as pond water. Bones is determined to take matters into her own hands. If it takes a miracle, then a miracle is what she will deliver.

The Precious Present

Filename: the-precious-present.pdf
ISBN: 1861871082
Release Date: 1998-11
Number of pages: 80
Author: Spencer Johnson
Publisher: Helen Exley Gift Books

Download and read online The Precious Present in PDF and EPUB In your hands you are holding an incredible little story about the ultimate secret of human happiness. Author Dr Spencer Johnson's unique allegory tells the story of a young child who learns about the fabulous "Precious Present" and then spends a lifetime searching for the mysterious gift.

Connect the Stars

Filename: connect-the-stars.pdf
ISBN: 9780062274670
Release Date: 2015-09-22
Number of pages: 352
Author: Marisa de los Santos
Publisher: HarperCollins

Download and read online Connect the Stars in PDF and EPUB From Saving Lucas Biggs authors Marisa de los Santos and David Teague comes a heartwarming middle grade adventure about two misfits discovering the importance of just being themselves. When thirteen-year-olds Aaron and Audrey meet at a wilderness camp in the desert, they think their quirks are enough to prevent them from ever having friends. But as they trek through the challenging and unforgiving landscape, they learn that they each have what it takes to make the other whole. Luminous and clever, Connect the Stars takes on some hefty topics of the day—bullying, understanding where you fit in, and learning to live with physical and mental challenges—all in a joyous adventure kids will love!

Belong to Me

Filename: belong-to-me.pdf
ISBN: 9780061797682
Release Date: 2009-03-17
Number of pages: 432
Author: Marisa de los Santos
Publisher: Harper Collins

Download and read online Belong to Me in PDF and EPUB “Marisa de los Santos’s Belong to Me is my favorite discovery of the past years: a terrific page-turner that’s also poignant, funny, surprising and deeply heartfelt.” —Harlan Coben “Complex, engaging, and surprisingly moving.” —Boston Globe The sensational New York Times bestseller from Marisa de los Santos, Belong to Me is a gift for readers, an enchanting, luminous novel about the accidents, both big and small, that affect our choice of friend, lover, and spouse. A story centered around three very different suburban neighbors and what it truly means to “belong” to someone, this eye-opening, unforgettable book is the perfect book club selection—beautifully written, smart and sophisticated women’s fiction that invites discussion as it touches the heart—and the ideal companion to de los Santos’s previous blockbuster, Love Walked In.

Precious Bane

Filename: precious-bane.pdf
ISBN: 9781446548028
Release Date: 2013-04-16
Number of pages: 324
Author: Mary Webb
Publisher: Read Books Ltd

Download and read online Precious Bane in PDF and EPUB 'She has a style of exquisite beauty which yet has both force and restraint, simplicity and subtlety she has fancy and wit, delicious humour and pathos. She sees and knows men aright as no other novelist does. She has, In short, genius' Mr. Edwin Pugh

Be Frank with Me

Filename: be-frank-with-me.pdf
ISBN: 9781782399193
Release Date: 2016-02-02
Number of pages: 123
Author: Julia Claiborne Johnson
Publisher: Atlantic Books Ltd

Download and read online Be Frank with Me in PDF and EPUB Meet Frank - a modern nine-year-old boy with the wit of Nol Coward and the wardrobe of a 1930s movie star. Meet Mimi Banning - a reclusive literary legend and mother to Frank. Mimi has been holed up in her Bel Air mansion for years, keeping her secrets, hiding from the world. Until Alice. Meet Alice - a level-headed young woman who finds herself thrust into the Banning household, charged with looking after Mimi's unusual son. In so doing, Alice discovers a part of herself she never knew was missing. Full of heart and humour, Be Frank With Me is a captivating and unconventional story of an unusual mother and son, and the intrepid young woman who finds herself irresistibly pulled into their unforgettable world.

The precious child

Filename: the-precious-child.pdf
ISBN: STANFORD:36105017040226
Release Date: 1992
Number of pages: 74
Author: Queen Ojogwu

Download and read online The precious child in PDF and EPUB