Worm Weather

Filename: worm-weather.pdf
ISBN: 9780399541117
Release Date: 2015-10-20
Number of pages: 32
Author: Jean Taft
Publisher: Penguin

Download and read online Worm Weather in PDF and EPUB Drip,drop, skip and hop. Splish, splash, sidewalk dash! It's worm weather! Join in the rainy-day fun, as kids splash through the puddles, affecting another weather enthusiast, a nearby worm. An imaginative and playful story, readers will love seeing the worm delight in the weather just as much as the kids. Worm Weather covers the concepts of Imagination and Weather.

Weather Worm

Filename: weather-worm.pdf
ISBN: 1478764783
Release Date: 2015-10-14
Number of pages: 134
Author: MC Hansen
Publisher: Outskirts Press

Download and read online Weather Worm in PDF and EPUB West to the Pacific, East to the Atlantic, and South to the Gulf join Mark and Mary with their cat Iris as they travel cross-country seeing awesome sights and dodging ominous weather conditions along the way. (Actual documented USA travel routes.) The plot thickens when their path becomes entangled with a group of hackers threatening Internet control.

Worm Weather

Filename: worm-weather.pdf
ISBN: 0170055787
Release Date: 1979-01-01
Number of pages: 47
Author: Christobel Mattingley

Download and read online Worm Weather in PDF and EPUB

The Edge of Organization

Filename: the-edge-of-organization.pdf
ISBN: 0761912665
Release Date: 1999-01-14
Number of pages: 357
Author: Russ Marion
Publisher: SAGE

Download and read online The Edge of Organization in PDF and EPUB Russ Marion describes formal and social organizations from the perspective of chaos and complexity theories. The book is generously illustrated and includes references plus an annotated bibliography.

Cricket Grounds

Filename: cricket-grounds.pdf
ISBN: 1873431007
Release Date: 1991
Number of pages: 221
Author: Roger D. C. Evans
Publisher: STRI

Download and read online Cricket Grounds in PDF and EPUB Covering all aspects of cricket groundsmanship, this text sets the maintenance of modern cricket grounds in historical context by a survey of the groundsman's art since the 1600s. The work details the history of groundsmanship either side of World War II, looking at the modern role of agronomists and other scientists in the study of cricket surfaces. Subsequent topics include: the assessment of an existing table; pitch preparation; mechanized maintenance operations; fertilizer and top dressing; weed, moss, worm and pest control; renovation and repair; and care of the outfield. A chapter is devoted to the planning and construction of new grounds.

The Witches of Karres

Filename: the-witches-of-karres.pdf
ISBN: 9781618243119
Release Date: 2001-11-01
Number of pages: 320
Author: James H. Schmitz
Publisher: Baen Publishing Enterprises

Download and read online The Witches of Karres in PDF and EPUB NO GOOD DEED GOES UNPUNISHED . . . Captain Pausert thought his luck had finally turned¾but he did not yet realize it was a turn for the worse. On second thought, make that a turn for the disastrous*. Unlucky in love, unsuccessful in business, he thought he had finally made good with his battered starship Venture, cruising around the fringes of the Empire and successfully selling off odd-ball cargoes which no one else had been able to sell. He was all set to return home, where his true love was faithfully waiting for him ... he hoped. But then he made the fatal mistake of freeing three slave children from their masters (who were suspiciously eager to part with them). They were just trying to be helpful, but those three adorable little girls quickly made Pausert the mortal enemy of his fiancee, his home planet, the Empire, warlike Sirians, psychopathic Uldanians, the dread pirate chieftain Laes Yango¾and even the Worm World, the darkest threat to mankind in all of space. And all because those harmless-looking little girls were in fact three of the notorious and universally feared Witches of Karres. A rollicking novel from the master of space adventure. At the publisher's request, this title is sold without DRM (Digital Rights Management).

Strange Weather

Filename: strange-weather.pdf
ISBN: 0860915670
Release Date: 1991
Number of pages: 275
Author: Andrew Ross
Publisher: Verso

Download and read online Strange Weather in PDF and EPUB Who speaks for science in a technologically dominated society? In his latest work of cultural criticism Andrew Ross contends that this question yields no simple or easy answer. In our present technoculture a wide variety of people, both inside and outside the scientific community, have become increasingly vocal in exercising their right to speak about, on behalf of, and often against, science and technology. Arguing that science can only ever be understood as a social artifact, Strange Weather is a manifesto which calls on cultural critics to abandon their technophobia and contribute to the debates which shape our future. Each chapter focuses on an idea, a practice or community that has established an influential presence in our culture: New Age, computer hacking, cyberpunk, futurology, and global warming. In a book brimming over with intelligence—both human and electronic—Ross examines the state of scientific countercultures in an age when the development of advanced information technologies coexists uneasily with ecological warnings about the perils of unchecked growth. Intended as a contribution to a "green" cultural criticism, Strange Weather is a provocative investigation of the ways in which science is shaping the popular imagination of today, and delimiting the possibilities of tomorrow.

Commercial Vermiculture

Filename: commercial-vermiculture.pdf
ISBN: 9780965703925
Release Date: 1998-01-01
Number of pages: 83
Author: Peter Bogdanov
Publisher: BookBaby

Download and read online Commercial Vermiculture in PDF and EPUB With its focus on how to make money raising earthworms, this book is a welcome source of up-to-date information on the business of vermiculture. Bogdanov puts vermiculture into a historical context, gives basic information about composting worms, tells how to get started, and describes how to set up commercial beds. He covers pests and predators, harvesting, and packaging and shipping. This book is a must for anyone wanting to go into the worm business, Mary Appelhof, Worms Eat My Garbage, 2 nd ed., 1997 Commercial Vermiculture looks at the opportunities available for joining a true growth industry in vermiculture. The author takes readers through a journey that starts with a look at current efforts in converting tons of organic waste into vermicompost, a high-grade soil amendment. Some landfill diversion sites in California utilize thousands of pounds of redworms to process a variety of organic residues, including yard debris, bio-solids, and the biodegradable fraction of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW). While California's climate allows nearly year-round vermicomposting to occur in outdoor windrows, in-vessel systems are in use in other parts of the country to control key process variables. The emphasis of large vermicomposting sites is upon processing organic waste and production of worm castings for sale. Due to frequent harvesting, worm populations remain fairly steady. In order to start or even expand a vermicomposting operation, redworms are purchased from vermiculture sites, where the emphasis is upon breeding earthworms. Vermiculture operations (worm farms) may not be able to supply the thousands of pounds needed for a large vermicomposting facility. Frequently asked questions about earthworms are answered in the second chapter, covering such topics as how much do worms eat and how fast will a worm population multiply. In Getting Started, the author offers suggestions for small, medium and large-size operations. Wooden and concrete bins, pits, and heated, insulated bins are covered. Chapter Four, Monitoring Conditions in Worm Beds, looks at temperature, moisture, soil pH, and aerobicity. Earthworm feedstocks, including how to find sources of free feedstocks, are discussed in the fifth chapter. Other chapters in the book cover essential information for preparing worms to be shipped to customers. What is the value of worm castings? A series of quotations from various authorities on the subject of castings is presented in Chapter Nine. In Earthworms: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, the author provides a brief history of the practice of vermiculture, including an inside look at what happened to a million-dollar-a-year worm growing business from the 1970s. The final chapters of this book offer a variety of things that can be done to maximize success and suggest 20 ways to profit in vermiculture in addition to selling worms.

Wise Words and Country Ways Weather Lore

Filename: wise-words-and-country-ways-weather-lore.pdf
ISBN: 9781446356777
Release Date: 2012-02-28
Number of pages: 243
Author: Ruth Binney
Publisher: F+W Media, Inc.

Download and read online Wise Words and Country Ways Weather Lore in PDF and EPUB An enthralling book that not only satisfies our fascination for lost wisdom of our ancestors but also indulges the British obsession with the weather. Probably the best known country saying of them all is 'red sky at night, shepherd's delight'. Wise Words and Country Ways Weather Lore presents us with dozens more similar, but largely now forgotten, words of wisdom that are imbued with a centuries-old understanding of the patterns of British weather, seasonal changes and the behavior of plants and animals around us. It has highly relevant content for an age where we all feel we have lost touch with the patterns of nature.

Leif the Leaf

Filename: leif-the-leaf.pdf
ISBN: 9781608440047
Release Date: 2010-09
Number of pages: 80
Author: Carol Hansen Moffat
Publisher: Dog Ear Publishing

Download and read online Leif the Leaf in PDF and EPUB Leif the Leaf is to deforestation as Smoky the Bear is to forest fires. It's time to recover our forests. Nature chooses a leaf from an extremely old apple tree to contact humans regarding matters of deep concern. Two children take a journey of discovery as they figure out what a mysterious poem means. What is so important about compost, and why is the Earth losing topsoil? Why are forests changing to deserts? Why is our weather changing? The planet is getting warmer. How are the animals and plants affected? Has this ever happened before? The children are taken back to ancient times and learn about the champions that tamed the weather. Armed with new insights and knowledge, they face the daunting challenge of persuading other humans to see the importance of trees. Finally succeeding at convincing people, they begin the process of turning deforestation into reforestation. CAROL HANSEN MOFFAT lives in New Jersey where she offers instruction and workshops in conflict resolution, reading, and math. Using skills and abilities gained from a B.S. in Education at Rowan University and an M.A. in Behavioral Science from Kean University of New Jersey, Carol shares her love of the earth by advocating for environmental organizations and causes. She finds joy in spending as much time as possible with her grandchildren, in whose best interest the heritage of nature's bounty must be preserved.

Census Reports Tenth Census Report on cotton production in the United States and also embracing agricultural and physico geographical descriptions of the several cotton states and of California

Filename: census-reports-tenth-census-report-on-cotton-production-in-the-united-states-and-also-embracing-agricultural-and-physico-geographical-descriptions-of-the-several-cotton-states-and-of-california.pdf
ISBN: CHI:21236913
Release Date: 1884
Number of pages:
Author: United States. Census Office

Download and read online Census Reports Tenth Census Report on cotton production in the United States and also embracing agricultural and physico geographical descriptions of the several cotton states and of California in PDF and EPUB

The Picnic Dog

Filename: the-picnic-dog.pdf
ISBN: 0340195312
Release Date: 1977
Number of pages: 96
Author: Christobel Mattingley

Download and read online The Picnic Dog in PDF and EPUB


Filename: weather.pdf
ISBN: 9781433399589
Release Date: 2011-09-01
Number of pages: 0
Author: Dona Herweck Rice
Publisher: Teacher Created Materials

Download and read online Weather in PDF and EPUB Teach beginning readers about the various types of weather including rain, sunshine, snow, fog, wind, and clouds with pages full of bright, colorful images and simple, informational text. Through the use of descriptive, academic vocabulary, readers are encouraged to notice the changes in the weather around them.

The Cotton Worm

Filename: the-cotton-worm.pdf
ISBN: HARVARD:32044107203788
Release Date: 1880
Number of pages: 144
Author: Charles Valentine Riley

Download and read online The Cotton Worm in PDF and EPUB

Report of the Statistician

Filename: report-of-the-statistician.pdf
ISBN: CHI:096844840
Release Date: 1893
Number of pages:
Author: United States. Dept. of Agriculture. Bureau of Statistics

Download and read online Report of the Statistician in PDF and EPUB